COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Vaccinations and Testing for Winnunga Clients

By August 8, 2021June 20th, 2022News

COVID-19 and Influenza Update June 2022

There is ongoing spread of COVID-19 in the ACT. Please attend the Winnunga Respiratory Clinic for testing if you have symptoms or you are exposed to COVID-19


There is more influenza circulating in the community this year, so it is time to get your flu vaccine.
Influenza is a very contagious infection and affects people of all ages. It can be mild, but it can also cause very serious illness in otherwise healthy people. It can require hospitalisation and cause death.
Vaccination is a safe and effective way to protect you from serious disease caused by influenza.
Every Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person aged 6 months or older is eligible for the flu vaccine.
Please come in to Winnunga for your flu vaccination or call reception on (02) 6284 6222 to book in.
You can get your flu vaccine and a COVID vaccine at the same time.

COVID-19 Vaccinations
Everyone aged 5 years and older is eligible for COVID-19 vaccination
You are due for a booster (3rd dose) if you are:
• Aged 16 or older and your 2nd dose was 3 months or more ago
• Aged 12-15 years, your 2nd dose was 3 or more months ago AND you have a disability or complex health condition that increases the risk of severe COVID-19

You are due for a winter (4th dose) if you are:
• Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander and aged 50+
• Non-Indigenous and aged 65+
• Aged 16-64 with a complex, chronic or severe health condition that increases the risk of severe COVID-19
• AND your previous booster was 4 months or more ago

For severely immunocompromised individuals, 3 doses of the COVID vaccine are needed to complete the primary course. This includes children 5-11 years old. The 3rd dose is given 2 months after the 2nd dose. For immunocompromised individuals aged 16+ the booster is a 4th dose and the winter dose is the 5th dose.
If you have been infected with COVID-19 you should wait 3 months before getting your next COVID vaccination.
Please come in to Winnunga for your vaccination or call reception on (02) 6284 6222 to book in.

If you are unsure about getting vaccinated, we encourage you to discuss this with one of our healthcare workers.
For the latest advice and updates from the Department of Health, visit:

Winnunga Respiratory Clinic
The Respiratory Clinic is located in the old Winnunga building and does PCR testing for COVID-19. Anyone who has a fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath or loss of taste or smell should go directly to this entrance. If you require testing because of recent exposure to COVID-19, please also go directly to the Respiratory Clinic.
Temperature, symptom and exposure screening is in place for all clients presenting to the main Winnunga entrance and you will be redirected to the Respiratory Clinic if you have symptoms or have been exposed to COVID.

Attending Winnunga and telephone consultations
Please maintain social distancing while attending Winnunga. Please do not gather in groups while waiting for services. Please use the hand sanitiser provided before entering the clinic, while waiting in the clinic and on your way out. You will also be required to wear a surgical mask while visiting Winnunga.
If you cannot attend Winnunga in person our doctors can do telephone consultations. To organise a telephone consultation call Winnunga on 6284 6222.

Rapid Antigen Tests
Winnunga is providing rapid antigen tests (RATs) to eligible Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander clients
Winnunga can provide Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander clients and families with rapid antigen tests if you are having difficulty accessing them.
If you have a positive RAT test at home please notify Winnunga nurses by calling 6284 6222. You may need a PCR test to confirm the result if you are eligible for early treatment, which must be given in the first 5 days. This is particularly important for people who are immunocompromised, have chronic conditions or are not fully vaccinated.
Positive RATs must also be reported to ACT Health using the online reporting form: